Summer Activities


Boredom is something that everyone has experienced especially during the pandemic. However, there are ways to cure it. At first glance, Arizona looks bland, however, it grants many options to have an enjoyable summer. In Arizona there are quite a few options for swimming, party places and hiking. Looking in the right places will help to narrow down which activities to participate in.

A popular site to visit for a fun swimming experience is Sunsplash. Sunsplash not only has a water park, but laser tag, mini golf, go-karts, bumper cars, and bumper boats. Prices vary but one can be set up for an entire day of excitement. Timothy Krey, on Google Reviews states, “Nice service and friendly staff to help you have fun with your whole family.” She reassures that the day will go nicely because of the staff members. Keeping COVID-19 in mind, tickets have date-specific times. To receive a preferred date, plan ahead and order tickets beforehand. You can purchase admission tickets on their website. 

Party event spots such as Main Event and Fat Cats have locations in Gilbert. Main Event has restaurants, laser tag, an arcade, bowling, and a jungle gym. Main event caters to large parties and has a dedicated team to help with planning and organizing them. Prices will vary depending on what someone may want to do. Fat Cats has bowling, mini golf, an arcade, a pizza restaurant, and a movie theater. If someone chooses to order food and watch a movie, once the food is ready, an employee will bring their food to them while they have the comfort of sitting in their theater seat.

There are many lovely places to hike in Arizona. Merkle trail, located in Mesa, is a wonderful place to take a walk around. To get in, there is a small admission fee per vehicle. Once in, you can eat at the picnic tables, stop at the restrooms, and take a walk around on various trails. Another place to spend time during the summer includes Colossal Cave in Vail, Arizona. While taking a tour, you will see magical sights and learn about the history of the cave. During the scorching summers, heat is not a problem inside the cave. The temperature inside will be about 10 to 20 degrees cooler than outside. There is also an on-site gift shop in which you can purchase merchandise and rocks from the cave. 

Getting up and doing something is the best solution for someone when they’re bored. With summer coming up, one can expect a bit of down time. Spend that time doing something and spending time with others. Swimming, partying, and hiking are just a few of the activities that Arizona offers.

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