If you are looking for something to do over the weekend, you could go to a baseball game. For a spring training game, tickets usually cost around $57 per person. When at a spring training stadium, there are no stores to walk to. In a game when it is on T.V, there are stores to go to, but the price per ticket costs a little less. The cost for the MLB usually is $30. Spring training is a practice for the players, so they know what they need to work on. The MLB is on T.V. where over 9 million people are watching. 

Baseball Batter Hit (Architecture and Buildings) baseball,batter,sport,game,player,ball,field

The rules for baseball are pretty easy. Here are some simple rules, most people should know. For example, when you step up to bat, you stand on home plate and swing when the ball comes towards you. If you know you will not be able to hit the ball then don’t swing, or if the ball is going to hit you then move out of the way. If you get three strikes you are out then the teams switch and you go to the outfield. If you do hit the ball, you run as fast as you can to first base. Every time someone hits, you run to second then third and back to home plate. If you make it back to home plate you get a point for your team. While running the bases you need to make sure that you don’t get tagged with the ball, because you would then be out. 

If you are a girl and like baseball there is another similar sport called Softball. It is like this sport but with some different rules and a different ball you play with. Instead of a baseball you play with a softball, it is yellow and bigger than a baseball. Baseball is all about having fun, and enjoying being outside.  

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