Teacher vs Student

Drawing on Yourself

GRZEXP Staff- Jace Luginbyhl

Do you ever see those kids in class bored, drawing on themselves fun designs or something funny. Every school, no matter where, has at least one of these kids. Do you have these people in your school? Or maybe, you are one? Students and teachers were asked the same question, how do you feel about people drawing on themselves? Here were the unexpected, and interesting answers.

Hannah Geigle (7th): “If it’s appropriate, then I think it’s ok but if it affects their skin, then it can be bad. So overall I don’t support it.”

Vincenzo Zappone had a similar opinion. 

Vincenzo “Enzo” Zappone (7th): “I think it’s stupid, but if its school appropiate, then i can be kinda funny.”

Now time to the 8th graders opinions.

Keeran Van Gelder (8th): “I think it doesn’t matter just needs to be school appropriate and be at the right time, like not in the middle of a lesson.”

Kandell Bradley (8th): “ I honestly don’t think it matters, only if it’s appropriate. I feel like it’s a way that people can express themselves in a way.”

That was your student’s thoughts, but now here comes the teachers, what will they have to say?

Mr. Close (8th teacher): “No, don’t do it. It’s silly and can easily ruin your skin.”

Ms. Miller (7th and 8th teacher): “ I think it’s not a good idea because the lead and chemicals in marker can get into your system and make you sick. Plus, there is paper to draw on instead and that won’t make you sick.”

Some wise words there. There is a pattern you can spot. The students don’t care as long as it’s appropriate but the teachers say no. Although artists and tattoo artists draw on themselves, it’s their job and they do it so they don’t mess up something that is permanent. Marker, though, is not permanent. Even though it’s entertaining and interesting, listen to Mr. Close and Ms. Miller because while its fun in the moment, it can come back and haunt you.

Featured Image Credits: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sharpie-fc.jpg

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