It’s Lit

GRZEXP StaffMakailya Benter

Do you know what “it’s lit” means? Many teens like you use the term “it’s lit”, but a lot of parents don’t know what it means. A lot of people tend to use this word when they mean something was really good, intense, fun, or exciting. 

Most parents don’t like it when teens use the word because they don’t really like it when teens use slang. In fact, more people in the world use slang more than actual or normal words as adults would call them. “It’s lit” derived from a rapper named Travis Scott. He created a song called “it’s lit” and then it became a trend. Everyone began saying it after that song came out. Since then, Travis Scott has been making more money because he received so many more views than most of his songs. 

Throughout the years, the word or term has started to fade away. A lot of people still say “lit,” but it is very rare you will hear someone say it. Most people say it to try and bring back a trend or just to be funny. Even though it’s just a word, sometimes it is just funny when someone says it. On the other hand, some people don’t know or ever heard this phrase “it’s lit”. They probably have never heard this phrase before because they might not be able to have any social media. After all, Social media is where “it’s Lit” first broke out. Many kids started saying it after they heard it from their siblings cause they wanted to be up to date with the trend. All in all, “it’s lit” became a famous phrase just from a song.

So many people think if they say it then they will become famous. But, now in 2021 people come up with new trends every day.

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