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Ms. Pechac


Have you ever met the fun and spunky helper teacher of room 223? Well if not, let me introduce you to Savannah Pechac or as her students know her as Ms. Pechac. Savannah works at Greenfield Junior High as a teacher in training and is a true leader to be. Ms. Pechac was born and raised in Arizona so she knows of the hot weather and dry landscape. She also believes in every single one of her students with her whole heart and wants them to succeed in life. Along with mixed feelings about COVID and the fact that we are required to wear masks.

Photo of Savannah Pechac taken by Tessa Abbiatti

“I choose to go to Arizona State College (ASU) because they have a nationally ranked teaching program.” States Ms. Pechac. Savannah wants to become a teacher because she believes that knowledge changes people’s minds and lives. “Being a teacher gives me the opportunity to change lives every single day, with knowledge.” 

At first Savannah interned with Ms. Parsons once a week. “She helped me grow and learn (something anyone would want in a great mentor). This made me want to work with her full time” Ms. Pechac says. She also states that Ms. Parsons helped her expand her mind to new possibilities. But not just about teaching, about life and how to help myself grow and learn she says.

COVID has had a big impact on us all including having to wear masks and endure schedule changes weekly. Ms. Pechac states that, “Masks decrease the chance of everyone getting sick, so they are important to our health and safe being. Even though sometimes they might be a burden to wear and try to breathe in.” She also believes that the hybrid schedule definitely helped with our number of COVID cases.

Savannah loves each and every one of her students and wants them to succeed not just in school but in life as well. Ms. Pechac is the hero of room 223 and will grow up to be an amazing teacher and person in life.

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