GRZEXP Staff- Paige Stephenson

Oreganos is a Italian restaurant that first originated in Old Town, Scottsdale in 1993. At that time its average was 22 customers a day. Now there are 14 locations across Phoenix, as well as Flagstaff and Tucson. Oreganos offers nine different categories on their online menu, Including pizza, pasta, salads, sandwiches, wings, tastes, drinks, desserts, and midday rush. They also have a kids menu, gluten-friendly menu, nutritional guide, and allergen guide. To check out their online menu, their website is ( ). 

Due to COVID-19, Oreganos has added many safety measures. They are only seating select tables throughout the restaurant to ensure their guests to maintain safe distance at six feet at all times. Their team members are being health screened daily, including contactless temperature checks before every shift. They have also increased handwashing practices for all team members, mask usage, and frequent sanitization of highly contracted areas. Including door handles, counters, booths, and tables. All pizza trays, caddies, and red pepper and oregano shakers have been removed from the tables. These are available upon request, and sanitized after each use. Disposable paper menus will be given to all guests. Single-use items such as cups and plastic silverware will be available by request, and finally to avoid congestion in restaurant lobbies, they are asking guests to call ahead to have their name added to the waitlist. Guests who are waiting for a table will be asked to do so in the comfort of their vehicle or home ( 

Oreganos have delicious Italian food, but one of their most savored is pizza. They have pan pizza, thin crust, and stuffed pizza as well as 24 toppings. They also have eleven different pasta’s. Some of those are Alfredo The Dark, Zany Ziti, Big Rig Pasta, and Mom’s Sausage and Pepper. The wings are also a fan favorite and consists of a variety of flavors. Big Bub’s Dry Rub, Italian Gold, Marvelous Medium, Pretty Hot, Sweet N’ Spicy, and Yahoo BBQ. If you like to eat healthy,  then Oreganos has the perfect salads to fit your request. They have eight different salads, and according to, their most popular salad is the Pablo Picasso Mexican Salad. Oreganos has seven different sandwiches, varying in size and flavor. Big Beef Sandwich, The Turkey Stuffed, Chick Parms Sandwich, and Our Chicago Italian Sausage. They have ten different neighborhood tastes, including Boom Dip, Italian Fried Zucchini, Mom’s Mac and Cheese, Six Pack Shrimp, and Lots O Brocolli. For kids, they have four categories varying from pasta, pizza, chicken strips and fruit and veggies. Oreganos has delicious desserts, The Original Pizza Cookie and Grandma G’s Classic Cheesecake.

All in all, Oregano’s is a pretty good place to eat. I remember one time I went there for my mom’s birthday and she got the Original Pizza Cookie and it was super delicious. The warmth of the dough just melts in your mouth and the ice cream tastes super good. If you have never been to Oreganos make sure to stop by and grab yourself some delicious Italian food and dessert!

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