The Charli

GRZEXP Staff – Michael Evans

On February 14, 2020 Dunkin donuts released a new drink called the Charli. Charli D’amelio is a famous Tik Tok star, and because of that she got her own drink. When the drink first came out it was the talk of the time. 

Everywhere you went, that’s all people talked about: the Charli. My ears started to bleed. Some people were hating on her. They would say that she’s a kid and she doesn’t deserve this. There are many famous people that should have many things. Charli isn’t the only famous person with a brand deal. On September 8, 2021, the Travis Scott meal was introduced to McDonald’s. Back to Charli, Dunkin started getting loads of customers, the drive through was flooded and Starbucks couldn’t compete. Once this started, Charli started getting more publicity and more recognition. As you know, many coffee places have large, medium, and small drink sizes. I recommend a small, unless you want a gallon of coffee. Transition to the charlie’s status Soon the Charli wasn’t that famous and people just didn’t care for it. After this Dunkin noticed their drink was failing and decided to make a remix. They called it the Charli remix, which had cold foam added. They kept the drink and everything the same. They simply added cold foam and made it look pretty. I went to Dunkin and I tried the drinks and there is no difference. It just tastes like coffee. I feel that the drink may not last long and just be a normal drink like all the others. 

In conclusion the Charli and the Charli remix are very good drinks. Some people still prefer Starbucks over Dunkin which is fine like alright. If you do have free time, find the nearest Dunkin. Drive there and get them both. You can’t go wrong with a good Charli.

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