The Ratchelor


The Ratchelor, a recently created game by Algorat, allows players to find true love in a rat-based spinoff of the popular show, The Bachelor. In this game, participants are playing as a rat bachelor or bachelorette. Players go through conversations and eliminations with seven rat suitors of their choice. All this, in hopes that their rat finds love in the end.

Upon entering the game, players choose their rat avatar, then pick seven of the 21 rat suitors to possibly date. Each character has a short bio so that one may see more about their personality. After a conversation with each competitor, comes the elimination round. Here, the bachelor or bachelorette chooses four contestants to continue to the next round and get closer to winning. This process continues with three, and two, until only one rat is left. The rat that the player chose in the beginning will then get engaged to this winner. 

This game was cute and hilarious. I liked to see the different outcomes with the variety of rat suitors. Each rat has its own personality, so you never know what you are going to get with them. For instance, Reggie is actually a simple robot just trying to learn what love is. On the other hand, Ode is quite a fancy rat who enjoys elegant coats. Even though it could be considered a joke, this game actually made me really happy. It has gained popularity recently, and for good reason. The Ratchelor isn’t complicated at all and is a good way to pass time. I will definitely play this again soon.

After the discovery of this game, I had an urge to play it and I’m glad I did. The variety of rats with their own complex personalities charms players into coming back for more. Although it cannot be played on mobile devices, it is worth it to find something to play it on. The creative concept turned out to be an amazing game to pass time.

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