A Person’s Life On Earth


April 3rd 2007, 3:09AM, Boise Idaho. God brought a child down to earth, for two parents named Heather and Matt Rinard, to take care of and watch grow up. As Samantha Rose grew up she had lots of nicknames, for example Sam, Sami, tuna fish lips. She liked to be called Sami, and when her parents called her Samantha, she knew she was in trouble. Sami does not remember much about living in Idaho, except that it was really fun. Sami also has an older, half brother named Gavin. Her and her family soon moved to Texas where her two sisters were born. First was Isabelle Grace, born February 12th 2010. Her family called her Izzy for short. Izzy and Sami were best friends growing up. They would play with barbies and slide down the stairs with each other. Three years later, on November 24th 2012, Charlie Dawn was born. Charlie spent a lot of her time in the hospital, she was diagnosed with something called Holoprosencephaly. It is not contagious like a cold, but it will most likely stick with her for her whole life. About 1-2 years later the family moved to Arizona, where it is dry and hot. When all three of the girls were getting a little bit older, they started to help out with chores. Their mom, Heather, told them to put away the dishes. They were so happy because since they were so little they got to jump on top of the counter to put away the dishes. Izzy and Sami fight about who was going to put them away so mom decided Izzy was going to do it. Izzy ran up stairs and said, “Don’t put them away, I am going to do something.” Of course, Sami wasn’t going to listen, she was too excited so she could not jump on up, so she pulled out the cupboard beneath her and stepped on it and got up. She put away the plates and jumped down, not knowing the drawer was still open. Sami cut her thigh open, and had to get stitches. Samantha was so scared, and did not know what to do. After a while, Charlie’s nurse, Maggie, pulled out the stitches. Grandma, Shirley, promised two packs of gum, if she stayed strong.

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Another few years passed and they were moving again; this time they are now proś at moving. However, they are not moving to a different state, just a few blocks away. Sami and Izzy stayed at their parents’ friends’ house, Adeline and Buck. While staying there they bake orange cranberry muffins (Sami’s favorite). As soon as they were moved, Adeline dropped the girls off at their new home. They made new friends at the new house because the guy who was moving their stuff had kids. A few years passed and Samantha’s mom was diagnosed with stage two cancer. There are four stages of cancer. The 4th one is the scariest and most dangerous. Heather, their mom, got a few more tests and they came back as stage four cancer. Heather was in so much pain. In 2020, Izzy and Sami flew to Idaho with their grandma Shirley. They were going to stay for two weeks but when the second week came around there was a big problem. Sami and Izzy had no idea what was going on, but they had to fly back to Arizona as soon as possible. When their grandpa John came to pick them up, Sami texted their dad, and asked questions to grandma about what was going on. Grandma told them everything, that all of their family was coming and they were going to see her in the hospital the next day. When they got home, dad was screaming and Heather’s brother was crying. Grandpa told us she was gone. Izzy and Sami slept in the same bed together for a long time. Everyone came down to Arizona and they had a party for Heather. Samantha’s Aunt took them shopping at Target for new clothes for the celebration. Sami got a purple dress that had pockets. Soon the day came, for the party. Heather said that dad should get re-married and that she did not want a funeral, she wanted a party because she was not in any more pain, she is dancing with God as we speak. 2021 came around. Dad invited an old friend to come down and visit. She came and then she left. They started dating, then, on December 6th, Matt proposed.  Izzy had her 11th birthday. Now it is April and Sami wants to be called Sam. Sami’s 14th birthday is coming up. These two girls are best friends, they fight a lot but always make up. “Parents get mad at us because we do something wrong. They repeat what they say because they care,” Says Sam.

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