Healing Crystals


Though many believe it to be a myth, those who work with crystals daily claim that they can block negative energy, reinforce positive energy, and transform the aura of their body. Truthfully, crystals can help do this. Despite popular belief, these special stones do more than sit and look pretty. Many people with experience agree that crystals do impact their lives. In fact, science can help explain the mysterious properties of crystals.

These stones come in many forms, which contributes to the ways they can affect people. According to, “Like essential oils, crystals have a variety of uses and applications, ranging from insomnia treatment to pain relief.” Quartz, for example, is a great one to start out with as it is easy to use and can be used for pretty much anything, though some other crystals may be better suited. Rose quartz however, specializes in one’s love life. It can be used to attract a good relationship, reinforce self-love, and more. Amethyst is commonly used to ease anxiety, depression, and headaches. Tigers Eye, which is especially helpful for students, promotes mental clarity and focus. Green Aventurine empowers manifestations and desires. Selenite can cleanse spaces and objects of unwanted energy. explains how the use of these strange stones dates back to ancient times, where they were commonly used in medicine. Now, they are used as a popular form of self care. File:Pebbles of the quartz group.jpg

As previously stated, healing crystals do have special properties to help humans and there is a scientific explanation. First of all, science has proven that matter is over 99% empty space. In this empty space is energy; everyone and everything has it. Crystals are matter and therefore have energy, which is pretty simple so far. states, “Just like everything else in the universe, we each have our own unique vibrational frequency.” People at a higher vibrational frequency might radiate positivity, kindness, or love, whereas those with lower frequencies might be jealous, rude, or fearful. However, human’s vibrational frequencies are very unstable and are therefore very easily influenced or affected. Crystals, which are also matter and have their own vibrational frequency, have more stable energy. explains how by using them in certain ways and being near or in contact with them, their energies and frequencies can help us. The world of crystals gets very detailed, with color, shape, and size also affecting what they can do. 

Before denying the beliefs of others, it is important to understand why they believe it. Crystals, a past myth, have been proven to truly have healing properties. The world of these stones gets into every detail with a lot of information regarding the color, shape, size, and type. Crystals really can block negative energy, reinforce positive energy, transform the aura of one’s body, and so much more. Energy is everywhere and in everything, empowering the world.

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