Review- 2019 Lion King


Have you seen the amazing 2019 Lion King, produced by Jon Favreau, written by Jeff Nathanson? This movie has many twists and turns. Personally, I consider watching the live-action version of The Lion King. This is because it includes much more detail. If you have seen the movie you know the Computer-generated imagery makes the animals fur look like it would feel like a dog or cats fur.

The movie’s cast has many well-known actors. For example, Beyonce as adult Nala, Donald Glover as adult Simba, and Seth Rogan as Pumbaa. Same with this movie as every other, the cast makes the movie what it is. The cast was not acting where people could see them but was voice acting. Voice acting is very important in The Lion King, it shows emotion and sympathy. Even though the voices show, these things the animals in the movie have very little or no emotion. This is because the live-action that Disney says it is, is just 3-dimensional animation.  The 2019 Lion King compared to the 1994 movie is not so great. In the original movie, you can hear the emotion and empathy in the voices but in the re-make, it’s hard to understand.

If you do watch The Lion King 2019, you will see the reasons to love the movie but you will also see the reason why the movie may not be good in comparison to the original version. It is a good movie but has a lack of emotions. Emotions help the audience understand what is going on and how the characters feel in that certain situation. 

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