Teacher vs Student

Individual vs. Whole Class Punishment


Suppose a whole class is punished for one student’s actions, how would you feel if you were punished for something you didn’t do? If the teacher can’t find the culprit, how is punishing everyone fair? Some may argue that the people who didn’t do anything wrong should’ve prevented the issue. Others may say it depends on the situation and who is involved. There are multiple sides to this topic, but no single one is correct, it’s a matter of opinion.

Out of everyone interviewed, they all agreed on the same thing, whole class punishment should be allowed. However, terms and conditions do apply for every unique character. Sienna Cramston, a seventh grade student, feels that if one kid creates a problem, that one kid should get in trouble. She believes there should not be any rules deciding whether or not the whole class should be punished or not. Charlie Cracraft, an eighth grade student, shows his beliefs on the topic saying, “If a large amount of people did it, then everyone should be punished because the minority should be punished for not stopping it.” This opinion can be quite controversial, he continues by saying, “It really depends on the situation and how many people were involved.” Both students agree on the fact that key factors like what the problem was and who was involved are crucial in deciding the fate of the whole class.

Teachers and staff can also see eye to eye with the students. Mrs. Morris, an eighth grade science teacher, has a similar opinion. She says, “The only time the whole class should be punished is if the whole class is being bad.” If the entire class acts out, or for example, they are talking over the teacher, that is the only instance where everyone should be penalized. Mr. Dale, the seventh and eighth grade band instructor shares his opinion saying, “One on one…causes less distraction than having to use a collective consequence. If we aren’t all ready to be in focus then [whole class punishment] can help us get into focus because we are all in this together.” At school, students are a team and if one falls, we all fall. This concept really brings us all together because it allows us to help each other.

There is an infinite amount of opinions out there, but all mentioned today can agree on one key concept, whole class punishment should be allowed. Being punished for someone else’s doings is not something everyone is fond of. In your opinion, should punishments be set in place? 

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